“IndieWebify” Your WordPress Site

Use blocks, and, optionally, “short-form” post types to more easily “IndieWebify” your WordPress site.

IndieBlocks provides a number of blocks that allow you to add microformats to posts without having to touch HTML.

It also introduces two “short-form” post types (“Notes” and “Likes”), and a couple of feed tweaks to get you microblogging in no time.

IndieBlocks is able to automatically add microformats to “block themes” (which support WordPress’ new Site Editor).

As of version 0.3.4, IndieBlocks offers built-in Webmention support, enabling rich cross-site conversations.

Moreover, IndieBlocks is compatible with, and extends, the Micropub plugin for WordPress.

The good thing? All of these features can be disabled, too!

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