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Note and Like Titles

To recap: notes, in IndieWeb jargon, are brief status updates that do not have a title.

WordPress’ admin interface, however, works best when all posts do, in fact, have a title. At least as far as WordPress is concerned.

For this reason, IndieBlocks can autogenerate note and like “titles,” and hide them on your site’s front end (and from your RSS and Atom feeds). In most cases, it’ll simply truncate the content and set that as the title.

Bookmarks and Likes

Site authors often do use titles on bookmarks (and very often name these bookmarks after the page they’re bookmarking). Something similar goes for likes.

IndieBlocks comes with an option to “Have like and bookmark titles reflect linked (i.e., liked or bookmarked) pages.”

With this option enabled, IndieBlocks will look at your note (and like) microformats first, when trying to autogenerate a title.

E.g., if IndieBlocks notices a “u-bookmark-of link” with a p-name, that p-name will be set as the post title.

If there’s no p-name, it’ll download and parse the linked page and look for the page’s title instead.

If a note is “just” a note (without specific bookmark or like microformats), it’ll simply generate a title off the note’s content.