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Getting Started

To add a microblog to a new or existing WordPress site, simply install IndieBlocks, head over to Settings > IndieBlocks, and enable the “Notes” post type.

That’s it! There’s no dependency on other plugins.

It’s probably easiest to also have the plugin automatically generate titles and slugs for this new post type, at least for now.

IndieBlocks’ settings screen. The “Notes” post types is selected, as are some other options.
IndieBlocks’ settings screen, the Post Types tab selected.

Then, go and write a quick note!

When starting a new note, you might notice that you’re presented with a so-called “Context” block, followed by a prompt of sorts. (If the “Blocks” option is disabled, new notes will be blank, and you can skip ahead.)

This “block template” isn’t really relevant for the simplest of notes. (It’ll eventually become quite useful, once we move on to “other” note types, like “bookmarks” or “replies.”)

Anyhow, click anywhere, then “Select All” and delete these empty blocks. Now, write a few words and hit “Publish”!

WordPress’ block editor. A new note is being created. The List View is expanded, and shows the different blocks.
A brand-new “note.”

After publishing your first note, its web address should look a little like

(Feel free to also add the new /notes/ URL to your site’s main nav menu!)

(Hiding) Note “Titles”

Depending on your theme, your note’s (autogenerated) “title” may be displayed quite prominently.

You may be able to, in WordPress’ Site Editor, head over to the “Single” template, and add a screen-reader-text class to the “Post Title” block.

Alternatively, the “Hide Titles” option (back under IndieBlocks’ settings) may work.

Some themes, however, will require a more thorough template mod, or a bit of custom CSS, to properly hide note titles. (This plugin—any plugin—can only do so much.)

Taking It Further

You may want to tweak the “Archive” template, too. Add “Post Author” or “Post Date” blocks, if your theme doesn’t already show them. Or display notes in full, and not just excerpts.

Or create new “Single” and “Archive” templates for the “Note” post type, so that you can modify them separately from “regular” post templates.