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Micropub and IndieAuth

IndieBlocks does not require you to use Micropub or IndieAuth (or Web Sign-in). If you’re unsure you need Micropub or IndieAuth support, simply skip this page.

That said, it hooks right into the existing Micropub plugin for WordPress to:

  • If you use IndieBlocks’ post types, apply the correct post type to Micropub posts
  • If you use the “Context” block, replace the Micropub plugin’s default “verbs” (e.g., “liked,” “replied to,” etc.) with instances of the “Context” block
  • Provide Micropub clients with a list of supported post types
  • Provide Micropub clients with a list of existing categories and tags

Except for the first item (“apply IndieBlocks post types”), all of these are behind an extra setting called “Deeper Micropub integration.” It can be found in WordPress’ admin interface, under Settings > IndieBlocks > Miscellaneous.

Some Micropub clients support very many “post types,” but offer the option to show only the types actually supported by your website.

IndieBlocks’ Micropub option, when enabled, will list only the article, bookmark, like, reply and repost types as being supported. You may, however, use the 'indieblocks_micropub_post_types' filter hook to add more post types to the list.

If you’d rather not have IndieBlocks add blocks to Micropub posts, the feature can be disabled as such:

remove_filter( 'micropub_post_content', array( '\\IndieBlocks\\Micropub_Compat', 'set_post_content' ) );