When both the plugin’s “Deeper Micropub Integration” and “Parse Markdown” settings are enabled, IndieBlocks will, before it attempts to add in the correct blocks, run Micropub posts through a Markdown parser.

This way, you can use Markdown when posting from a mobile (Micropub) client! (On a desktop computer, you’d have access to WordPress’ block editor instead.)

A simple Micropub note like the one represented by the following JSON …

  "type": ["h-entry"],
  "properties": {
    "content": ["This is a **note**!"],
    "published": ["2023-03-01T18:15:00+0100"]

… would get turned into:

<!-- wp:group {"className":"e-content"} -->
<div class="wp-block-group e-content">
  <!-- wp:freeform -->
  <p>This is a <strong>note</strong>!</p>
  <!-- /wp:freeform -->
<!-- /wp:group -->

Because we can’t account for every possible block in existence, Micropub posts’ content is wrapped in a Classic block instead. (Which works fine. Although you could always log in to WordPress’ admin interface and try “Convert to blocks” later on.)